Sovia Therapy, LLC Committed to Providing Quality Early Intervention Services
Sovia Therapy, LLC       Committed to Providing Quality Early Intervention Services

Helpful Links

Temple University Institute on Disabilities


Autism Dental Health Resource:




Autism Research Trials:




Resources on trauma for young children:

Touch and Feel books for children with visual impairments:

Establishing a Trust Fund for a Child with Special Needs:


The Opioiod Epidemic and Children:

Navigating the Medical System for Children with Autism:

Nursing Insights: Navigating Healthcare for Children With Autism | NursingEducation

This link is a listing of museums and other learning opportunities that are discounted to $2 admissions with a MA card:

Link for Children's Health Information:

Link for creating a home for children with disabilities:

US Department of Labor - Resources:

Financial Help after Catastrophic Illness/Injury:

Navigating Finances After a Catastrophic Injury | Shamieh Law


Community Links : Wonderful website with loads of community resources

Childproofing your home with a child with vision impairments:

Child Safety Resources:

The Big Red Toolbox:  A resource guide for families with children with autism:

Infant Vision Website:

Accesibility Guide:

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Sleep:

Kingergarten Transition:

Consumer Safety Guide:

Sleep Resource:

Website for Dangerous Drugs:

Autism Sleep Resources:


Autism White Paper:


Autism and Dentists:


Childproofing Resource:



Autism Medical Toolbox:



Public Event Space Accessiblity and Considerations/Sensory:



Resource for Moving with Chilren with Disabilities:






Moving with a Child with Autism:





Gender Resource Tools:







Sleep Resources for Children with Autism:

Gardening Resource:


Insurance Guide:


Helping Babies who are Crying:



Whistleblower Resource:



Sleep Strategies for Children with Autism:


Planning a Move with a Child With Autism:


Traveling with a Child with Autism:


Nursing support for children with autism during medical visits:


Inclusive Language for people with Disabilities:


Infant/Toddler Tempermanent Tool:


Legal Source:


Consumer Safety Guide:

setting up a playroom for a child with autism:

Birth Trauma Website:

Resources about CP:

Accessible Playground Information:

Autism and Sleep:

Autism and Taking Medicine:


Modfying backyard spaces

Sensory Garden

Financial Planning Guide

Sleep Guide:

Recycling Resource for parents:

Birth Injury Legal Reference

Games for Children with Autism

Sensory Processing Resources

Sensory Processing Resources and Downloads

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