Sovia Therapy, LLC Committed to Providing Quality Early Intervention Services
Sovia Therapy, LLC       Committed to Providing Quality Early Intervention Services

Helpful Links

Temple University Institute on Disabilities


The Family Leadership Program C2P2 (Competence and Confidence, Partners in Policymaking)


The Institute on Disabilities also offers one-on-one peer consultation through PEAC, Pennsylvania's Education for All Coalition, in case you have specific questions related to your child or teen. Here is the link for requesting a consultant.


Baby Talk is a monthly online publication that offers helpful hints about raising and dealing with infants and toddlers. 

July 2016:



Baby Talk October:


Baby Talk November:



Autism Resource:




Sensory Strategies:




Military Family Resources:




Moving with Children with Special Needs:



Home Adaptions:


Academic Accomodations:

Estate Planning:

Resources on trauma for young children:

Touch and Feel books for children with visual impairments:

Baby Talk April 2017


Baby Talk June:


Establishing a Trust Fund for a Child with Special Needs:


Baby Talk July:



The Opioiod Epidemic and Children:

This link is a listing of museums and other learning opportunities that are discounted to $2 admissions with a MA card:

Link for Children's Health Information:

Link for creating a home for children with disabilities:

US Department of Labor - Resources:

Resource for developing literacy in children that are deaf/HH and blind:


Baby Talk November 2017



Baby Talk December 2017



Community Links : Wonderful website with loads of community resources

Childproofing your home with a child with vision impairments:

January Baby Talk:


The Big Red Toolbox:  A resource guide for families with children with autism:

Infant Vision Website:

March Baby Talk:



Autism Spectrum Disorders and Sleep:

April Baby Talk:



Consumer Safety Guide:

May Baby Talk:



Website for Dangerous Drugs:

June Baby Talk:



July Baby Talk:



August Baby Talk:




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